Present Activities of NSBP

National Society of the Blind and Partially Sighted (NSBP) is a non-political, non-profit and nation based voluntary organization. This organization is conducted by the blind for the blind and of the blind and partially sighted people.

NSBP, in order to work for the welfare of the blind orphan, blind member of more than one of the family and development of both husband and wife blind and partially sighted people on priority basis to develop the under mentioned activities through the 32 (Thirty Two) district branches alone with National Office, Dhaka.

  1. To make special arrangements having made needs assessments of the blind and the partially sighted people.
  2. Advocacy for rights, resources and services to meet the needs of the Blind & partially sighted people.
  3. Provide or ensure the provision of support services, which are of economics, social and cultural benefits of the Blind & partially sighted people.
  4. To promote equal opportunities for the Blind & partially sighted people their ability to enjoy and exercise the same fundamental rights, privileges and responsibilities as all other Bangladeshis.
  5. To promote and encourage positive attitude towards blindness and impairment not only amongst the public but amongst the blind & partially sighted people.
  6. To encourage and assist blind & partially sighted people to achieve personal independence and to realize their full potential in and for the benefit of the country.
  7. To encourage and assist blind & partially sighted people with additional disabilities to live useful and dignified life according to their personal choice. 
  8. To promote job and self employment opportunity for the Blind & partially sighted people.
  9. A white cane’s factory has been established for the first time in Bangladesh. Which is run by the blind people and by NSBP through which having produce 30, 000 (Thirty thousand) white cane (stick) every year, decision has made is distribute among the blind people throughout the country.
  10. To Provide Braille Library Service: To Provide Braille books, religious books, talking books and news papers to the readers.
  11. To provide financial support for educational program for blind and partially sighted people and to their sighted children for higher education.
  12. In order to rehabilitate the blind and partially sighted girls to arrange their marriage by providing financial assistance from NSBP.
  13. Under the low cost house project: For the family of the downtrodden and shelter less blind and partially sighted people to arrange for their accommodation for build up houses.
  14. Lobbying and Advocacy: Training for NSBP’s District Branches, staff and advocacy vision impairment awareness program me so that blind and vision impaired people can be involved in local NGO’s activities and also through the preparation of submissions to local and central government.

15. Vocational Training and Skill Development Center for the Blind (VTSDCB):

    1. NSBP Provides free fooding, lodging, accommodation, clothing, medicine/Treatment for the orphan trainees with blindness.
      1. Training on Mobility and Orientation Training: Manage every day home tasks, move confidently, safely     around the community and activities of daily living.
      2. Braille Literacy training for eradication of illiteracy retains employment, achieve greater independence and read Braille books. 
      3. Technology, Information and Communication: Magnification software can enlarge print on the screen. Speech output will enable blind and vision impaired people to keep their business running, send e-mails to their Friends, family and surf the internet. A scanner can even read their e-mail to them. There are ways to keep blind and vision impaired people’s accounts and business records up to date.
      4. To provide training on Telephone operation and English speaking.
      5. To provide training on Music and Physiotherapy.
      6. Making White Cane and Shopping Bag.
      7. To provide training on Primary Mental Health Care and how to say prayer in religiously to teach Braille and also memorization of Holy Quran.