Governing body

Governing body of NSBP includes District Executive Committee, National Council and National Executive Committee. The National Council Consisting of 84 members.

Two councilors including one woman from each district branch. They are elected for five years by the executive committee.

Twelve members in where six persons of them must be women. They are outstanding social workers/experienced to be co-opted by the president of national executive committee for a period of five years.

National executive committee may nominate one district representative as councilor in where no district branch established.

The national council will lay down the guiding principles of the society and act as the supreme body in all matters. The National council in its general meeting shall be entitled to frame rules in conformity with the rules and regulations for conducting the business of the society.

The national council elects national executive committee. The management of the society vest in the national executive committee consisting of 11 members to be elected by councilor of the national council from amongst themselves for five years and hold office until the election of next national executive committee out of which four members must be women and one youth (not more than thirty five years old).

The governing body of national council and national executive committee is associated with people who have vision loss and long experience in the field of blindness development the executive director works as the president in NEC and makes a linkage between the policy making and implementation body. The list of national executive committee is given as in the following.