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National Society of the Blind and Partially sighted (NSBP) Bangladesh

Vocational Training and Skill Development Center for the Blind (VTSDCB)

It is a training and skill development program for the Adolescents and Visually Impaired Women. NSBP’S Vocational Training and skill Development center for the Adolescent with blindness and visually impaired women for the first time here in Bangladesh. VTSDCB is a response to the lake of resources for Braille Education and Training in Bangladeshi rural area. Adolescents with blindness and visually impaired women come from the country’s remote regions to VTSDCB in Khulna , southern part of Bangladesh where they to read and write Braille, activities of daily living, Mobility and orientation , makings Brooms, shopping bags, Candle, house management and music. NSBP provides training skills and live-in facilities for twenty trainees is looking for partners, donors and individual contributors to provided financial assistance to individual trainees, If you or your organization is interested to sponsor a Adolescent with blindness and visually women for $30 (2340) a month or to donate a part of it through bKash or Bank account . we would also like to receive any kind of donations for the welfare of our VTSDCB. NSBP believes in vision not on sight. Your valuable contribution will significantly help our trainees to enrich their vision.