In 2006 Mr Lion Moin Uddin Chowdhury became the founder president of the National Society of the Blind and Partially sighted Of Bangladesh, the organization which is tremendously focused on the welfare of blind people and their families since the day one. With the founder president  9 more blind people and 1 sighted People lead the organization and gave hand to hand support with the National Executive Committee of 11 members and the support of workers and sympathizers of the blind.  This determination of people then began the mission to establish NSBP Bangladesh, as an icon of boundless services for the blind and partially Sighted.


The governing body of NSBP includes District Executive Committee, National Council and National Executive Committee. The National Council Consisting of 84 members. 2 councilors including one woman from each district branch. They are elected for five years by the district executive committee. 12 members in where six persons of them must be women. They are outstanding social workers/experienced to be co-opted by the president of national executive committee for a period of five years. National executive committee may nominate one district representative as councilor in where no district branch established. The national council will lay down the guiding principles of the society and act as the supreme body in all matters. The National council in its general meeting shall be entitled to frame rules in conformity with the rules and regulations for conducting the business of the society.


The national council elects national executive committee. The management of the society vest in the national executive committee consisting of 11 members to be elected by councilors of the national council from amongst themselves for 5 years and hold office until the election of next national executive committee out of which 4 members must be women and one youth (not more than thirty five years old).


The governing body of national council and national executive committee is associated with people who have vision loss and long experience in the field of blindness development the executive director works as the president in National Executive Committee (NEC) and makes a linkage between the policy making and implementation body. The list of national executive committee is given as in the following.

National Councilor and National Executive Committee:

Dr. Bongkesh Dey, 

vice president (Blind)



Tonmoy Goswami,

General Secretory (Blind)



Jhumur Akter,

Ass. General Secretory (Blind)



Jowell Molla,

Sports and Culture Secretory (Blind)



Sheikh Mohammad Musharraf Hossein

treasurer (Sighted)



Toma Islam,

NEC member (Blind)



Saleha Begum,

NEC member (Blind)



Mala Khatun,

NEC member (Blind)



Rakib Hussein,

NEC member (Blind)



Momotaz Islam

NEC member (Blind)

Blind Organization is an organization that is working for over 16 years for the individual and also for the family of blind and partially sighted people and also fights for the rights and needs of the People who are partially sight or blind. 

SINCE 2006 From the first day till today and over the coming days, the organization is been active and fully focused only and only for the welfare of partially sight, blind people and their family. With the help of individual donors(Police, Army, BGB, Gordian of School, collage going Children and Others)  from all over Bangladesh, we have accomplished our job in a faithful and respected manner and will do the same for our blind brothers and sisters. We have been working with our team to strengthen organizations and communities and have supported for the treatment and as well as for the basic needs of the blind and partially sight people.

We have educated, set- up the small business, counseled and rehabilitated the people who are partially sighted or blind and have approximately reached the service to every district of Bangladesh.