National Society of the Blind and Partially Sighted

About NSBP

2006 the year when Mr. Loin Moin Uddin Chowdhury buried the seed of humanity and came forward with the hope of helping our Visually challenged community by seeing the war of race to move forward in which the people without eyes lack back-ward and can be seen in the backward class. So he took the decision and focused his dimensions towards the life of blind and partially sighted people.


“National Society Of The Blind And Partially sighted of Bangladesh “ is a voluntary organization working for the poor blind persons and arranging funds for their betterment. Blind people from all the district are the beneficiaries of the Organization. Our Organization does various activities and accomplishes several program for the better life of the poor blind persons."
Promotion of education
Education is the most powerful weapon which can change the world. NSBP Bangladesh has been working for the cause of the visually impaired child right from 2006, when it began its National Project for Visually Impaired. Over the years, NSBP has benefited many visually impaired individuals, especially children. NSBP Bangladesh has supported visually impaired children with Braille textbooks, necessary books and Calendar by braille computerized printers of NSBP.
Employment Enhancing Vocational Skills
As of now, NSBP has been focusing on “Vocational Training Program” for well-educated blind persons from different districts who wish to work in commercial and social scenario and earn their daily earnings. This training will be free of cost for all the educated blind persons. It can be a better source for income for blind persons and their family.
Promoting Gender Equality
NSBP is working for the blind people since 2006 and as our organization maintain the transparency for every work done by the NSBP since the day one for these people is the vital reason that today blind people from nearly every district of Bangladesh are the beneficiaries of the organization.
Empowering Women
Women all over the world have proved that they can do great things if they are given a chance. Unfortunately, opportunities don’t always come knocking at the doors of most women in rural Bangladesh. Doing a bit towards creating a truly equitable world and support in every section of the society can be a bigger help some day.