National Society of the Blind and Partially Sighted (NSBP) is a non-political, non-profit and nation based charity organization. This organization lead by the blind and visually challenged people. NSBP, in order to work for the welfare of the blind orphan, blind member of more than one of the family and development of both husband and wife blind and partially sighted people on priority basis to develop the under mentioned activities through the 33 (Thirty Three) district branches alone with National Office, Dhaka. NSBP provides services to the blind or partially sighted people also if these people suffer from intellectual, physical or sensory disabilities.

NSBP is an organization that is working for over 15 years for the individual and also for the family of blind and partially sighted people and also fights for the rights and needs of the problems who are partially sighted or blind.

Since 2006 from the first day till today and over the coming days, the organization is been active and fully focused only and only for the welfare of partially sighted, blind people and their family. With the help of donors from all over Bangladesh we have accomplish our job in a faithful and respected manner.

We have been working with our team to strengthen organization and communities and have supported for the treatment and as well as for the basic needs of the blind and partially sighted people. We have educated, set up the small business, counseled and rehabilitated the people who are partially sighted or blind and have approximately reached the service to every district of Bangladesh.