Our Activities Gallary

Education Support to the Children of Blind and Poor Children Of Slum Area

Every academic year our organization arranges a educational charity program for the children of blind and for the poor children of slum area. In this charity we distribute Notebooks, Study Memory Card’s, Braille books(for blind children),Braille Calendar, Braille writing frame, Brailing papers, Schoolbags, Lunch box, Compass box and writing materials to the poor children and to the children of blind which are going to schools /colleges.

Dry Food Charity

Visually Impaired or blind people living below poverty line cannot purchase needful dry food for themselves including their family with their little income. So after noticing the valuable need of blind people, our organization decided to provide dry food (rice, dal, salt, oil, biscuit, noodles, chicken) to these people. So, ones or Twice every month our organization distribute dry food to some the blind people including some members of blind’s family. From the starting of our organization till so far we have continued the distribution every single month.

Distribution of Wear Clothes

Visually Impaired or blind people cannot afford the expenses for purchase of new clothes on any occasion for him and his family members so the organization provide new clothes like Pant, Shirt, lungi, Kurta Pajama, Salwar Kameej, Saree etc. At the time of festivals like Eid-ul-Fitar, Deepawali, and Christmas.

Distribution of Warm Clothes And Blankets

The Organization distribute Warm cloths and blankets every year to the blind people and their family also at the time of winter season and during national disaster period.

Distribution of Folding Sticks (White Canes)

Folding Sticks is the eye of a visually impaired or blind person. The stick plays a vital role as a friend’s hand for the blind people. NSBP has its own white cane production center which is only one voluntarily White cane production center here in Bangladesh. We distribute the folding sticks free of cost around the year.

Financial Assistance To Visually ChallengedFor Self Employment

Most of visually people wish to do self-employment for daily butter and bread by chaining, tailoring, making, candles, covers and file, & groceries Goat keeping, pigeon keeping and gardening etc. We are generating them leadership involving in their problems and providing necessary help and financial support to improve and utilizing their resources in an effective way.

Financial Support To Aged Blind Persons

The Organization gives the financial support to aged visually blind persons for their lively hood which have no self-income.

Financial Support to Wedding of Blind Girls & blind’s daughters

The Organization provides financial assistance to wedding of blind girls & daughter of blind persons.

Providing Wheel-Chair

NSBP provide Wheel-Chair to Physically handicapped With blindness person & paralyzed person which belongs to poverty.

House Repair Of Visually Impaired People Of Rural And Slum Area

Most of visually impaired people are living in rural and slum areas. Due to the bad condition of their houses, they met many difficulties during rainy season by overflowing and truckling of rainy water in their houses. So we are assisting them using our limited fund for that purpose after visiting their houses.

Home Utensils to House Hold Blind Women

Time to time the organization provide different types of home utensils like kitchenware, Mats, Steel Plates, Steel Glasses, Plastic Jugs, Rice cooker, presser cooker, Hot-jug, bed-sheets, Suitcases to house hold blind women.

Conducting Charity Programs

The NSBP conduct meetings and arrange special programs for blind people, providing them needful assistance and instructing them how to behave like an ideal person in the society and also initiate them about savings. We organize charitable program, singing functions, playing Cheese, Cricket tournament, and get-togethers every quarterly. In these programms we distribute different amenities to visually challenge People and Children of Blind in the presence of honorable guests who belong to different walks of life.