About us

Who we are

NSBP is a non-profit, non-Government and nation based voluntary organization. It is run by the blind for the blind and of the blind and partially sighted people with the financial assistance of local people here in Bangladesh.
NSBP founded 2006, through the establishment of 32 district branches in seven divisions of the country, having prepared the list of the blind and partially sighted people of all those areas, assistance and Co-operation are being given for their improving quality of live and welfare as per requirements. Especially destitute Children with blindness and visually impaired women. Also with the principle Aim of ensuring that visually impaired people were not marginalized but integrated into the community through Education and Training.

To promote, foster, encourage, and initiate unity among the Blind men and women

To educate and support the children of visual challenged persons

To remove the beggar habits from blind and help them to get employment

Distribution of Warm Clothes And Blankets

Our approach

Our Mission
To work for the welfare of blind and rehabilitate the lives of the blind and partially sighted peoples irrespective of the nationality, religion or socio-economic status.
Our Vision
To eradicate curable blindness. To fulfill the basic needs of the individual and family of blind people. Socio-economic rehabilitation of the visually challenged in mainstream, through education, training and employment.