National Society of the Blind and Partially Sighted (NSBP), BANGLADESH

NSBP is an organization that is working for over 15 years for the individual and also for the family of blind and partially sighted people and also fights for the rights and needs of the problems who are partially sighted or blind.

Since 2006 from the first day till today and over the coming days, the organization is been active and fully focused only and only for the welfare of partially sighted, blind people and their family. With the help of donors from all over Bangladesh we have accomplish our job in a faithful and respected manner.

We have been working with our team to strengthen organization and communities and have supported for the treatment and as well as for the basic needs of the blind and partially sighted people. We have educated, set up the small business, counseled and rehabilitated the people who are partially sighted or blind and have approximately reached the service to every district of Bangladesh.


To promote, foster, encourage, and initiate unity among the Blind men and women:-

National Society of the Blind and Partially Sighted of Bangladesh is travelling faster then the expectations of the blind and Partially Sighted people. The NSBP provides equal opportunities among men and women and also keep the mutual understanding between them. We provide folding canes, Dry food, new clothes, warm clothes, household materials to the blind persons in our charity programs also in this program we encourage them that blindness in not what holds you back we aim to develop confidence among the blind and Partially Sighted people so that these visual Challenged men and women can live a good life with their family without being depressed.

To rehabilitate the blind as married and happy person in the Society:-NSBP arrange marriages for the blind people and for the daughter of the visually Challenged Person. Financial help for rehabilitating married blind or for the treatment of individual or any dependents of blind family is provided. By the NSBP.


To make the blind independent citizen of Bangladesh and they may perform his daily routine work efficiently:-

As like every other citizen of the country, visually Challenged person is also independent. They can do whatever they wanted to do in terms of Education, Employment etc. Therefore, help and support is provided by the NSBP in financial terms to complete the education or to start employment for their daily earnings so they become self-dependent.

To educate and support the children of visual challenged persons:-

Education is the right of every human. Mostly visually Challenged persons could not send their children to school and Collage because of financial problem as they cannot afford the expenses of school/college, so with the support of donors, we help them for the study of their children.

To remove the beggar habits from blind and help them to get employment:-

Blind persons who goes to beg for survival are being given employment opportunities to start their own small businesses like as hawkers, making candles, Holding sticks etc. They are run with the help of our organization.

To arrange clean residential accommodation for the blind and To educate and train the blind in workshop and school:-

To provide the educational facilities such as teaching Braille, arts and handicrafts, physical instructions and moral teachings.